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Perjury should be Penalized

Written by on March 6, 2020

Photo courtesy to State Representative Tom Bennett’s Facebook page

NORMAL, Ill.- State Representative Tom Bennett is sponsoring legislation during the spring legislative session which extends the statute of limitations for a violation of perjury from three years to seven years.

Bennett said, “If someone lies on the stand, and puts someone who really should not be in jail, should not be going to prison, but someone puts them on the stand and lies about them that person should be in trouble.”

The case that really provoke Bennett to take action was a case where State’s Attorney Jacqueline Lacy had a murder case where she later learned that a witness for the defense lied on the stand.

The witness made the admission during a deposition for the civil case. However, it was more than three years later, when the admission was discovered and the witness could not be prosecuted.

Bennett has been working with the Vermilion County State’s Attorney office on the measure.

“If someone admits or lies within that seven year period, we can take them to court and penalize them,” said Bennett.