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Peach Pit Lollapalooza After Show

Written by on October 5, 2023

By, Kate Karvelis

On August 3rd, Peach Pit and Annie DiRusso played a lollapalooza aftershow concert at The Vic. The Vic quickly became one of my favorite venues, and reminded me a lot of The Castle theater here in Bloomington!

I have never been to Lollapalooza, and I love going to concerts, so when my best friend asked if I wanted to go, I said of course! I really only knew one Peach Pit song Prior (Shampoo Bottles). The Quirky part of lolla aftershows, is they don’t even start till 11pm. So I was loaded up with caffeine and ready to enjoy music! We got there early enough so we were actually in the second row! It was an awesome concert! They had a totally unreal stage presence and I fell in love with them during the whole concert! They were never standing in one place for two long, always moving around and jamming out! I did not mind how late it ended up being, because I was having so much fun.

They played all of my favorites; Alrighty Aphrodite, Drop the Guilteen, Sweet FA. One very special moment for me was before they played Vickie, they talked about how the upcoming song is about best friends and asked who was their with their best friend (I was), and then during the song they looked at us and pointed! It was such a sweet moment.

Shampoo Bottles and Alrighty Aphrodite were the encore songs, and during Shampoo bottles the lead guitarist stage dived! I had never been at a concert where stagediving occurred. I did not get to hold the guitarist, but my best friend got to touch his shoulder briefly.

Because we were all so close to the front, the artists all shook our hands after the performance! Normally, I never have cared about getting to a venue before doors open for a good seat, since I am at the concert anyway. But I am so glad I was able to be at this one and experience it!

From a lighting standpoint, they used all different colors, and kept us visually stimulated the whole time. They didn’t have their ‘Peach Pit’ sign out at this show (assuming it was at the Lolla Festival because they played the next day at the festival).

I had never heard of the opener Annie DiRusso, but I instantly fell in love with her preforming! She has such a talented voice, and even stopped for photos and talking with fans after the show!


Overall, my rating would be 10/10, and my favorite performance would be Alrighty Aphrodite!