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Liam Kazar Concert Review

Written by on March 4, 2022

Liam Kazar Concert Review
By: Ryan Gray

On February 27, 2022, Liam Kazar played at The Metro music venue in Chicago with the opening acts of Wyatt for Sale and Lake James.

I had found out about Liam Kazar by accident, one day I had just decided to go on The Metro’s website in early February to check out which bands and artists were playing there, and I happened to see Liam Kazar’s name and a photo of his debut album, Due North, and my first thought was that he had a cool album cover. After I saw the album cover I decided to listen to his album and more of his general music and liked it, so I decided to see him live later that month.

I’ve been to a variety of venues from Wrigley Fields to Grant Park and I could say that the Metro is arguably been my favorite concert venue. The first time I was at this venue was for a White Reaper concert and the energy of that concert was really enjoyable. The White Reaper concert featured mosh pits and the crowd made it a concert to remember. However, for this concert, I felt that the Metro was arguably too big for Liam, and it didn’t help that it wasn’t a sold-out crowd. This is my first time repeating a certain venue, and personally, I wanted to chase that energy that I felt the first time..and I don’t know if this concert did that for me.

For the opening act, Wyatt Waddell aka Wyatt for Sale was an enjoyable act that was more on the calmer side of vibes when it comes to music sense. He played some of his original songs as well as some covers of Beatles songs. Wyatt’s covers of the Beatles songs were good, and I loved that he added his own spins to them to make the songs feel more unique to him. The crowd was overall at its lightest for his performance since it started at 8 o’clock, and it would still be a little bit of time before Liam Kazar would appear on stage. The crowd did seem invested in his music, with cheering after each of his songs. Wyatt’s singing voice was perfect for the half-hour opening set. He used it to his advantage and I am now inspired to listen to more of Wyatt for Sale’s music.

In the second act, Cadien James of Twin Peaks fame tries out his solo act f. For me personally, this was my least favorite act because I could not understand a word from any of the songs. The sound of each one of the songs I can appreciate, but I can only appreciate it to a certain degree. With this in mind, it makes me want to listen to some of his work on Spotify. Also, something that has to come to mind is that The Metro had just recently put in a new PA system so that might have affected his performance.

Liam Kazar during his set/act played two of my favorite two songs of his, So Long Tomorrow and Shoes Too Tight. Liam did end up playing for about an hour or so. He played a majority of his songs with a cover of other artists as well. The crowd was really into the songs as well as dancing to them. At about half through the concert Liam had slowed the concert to put white paint and tried to become a “different person” while on stage. Towards the end of the show, Liam had more people on stage than just the band, from the opening acts to Sima Cunningham. At one point there were 8 people on stage, which in my opinion is a lot in my opinion. Also just a cool note, from an audience perspective, while watching Liam, Wyatt Waddell was in the crowd watching and I saw him run past me to go on stage.

Overall it a good concert and it filled my need of seeing one since the last music event/concert I had been to was Lollapalooza back in late July and early August, I only hope for the best for Liam Kazar’s career and to eventually sell out venues like The Metro, and move on up to bigger and better places.

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