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ISU Business Hosts An Event To Discuss Diversity

Written by on October 19, 2021

Photo Courtesy of Illinois State University Business Department

NORMAL, Ill. — Illinois State University’s Business Week will feature an event quite unlike any they have hosted before. 

Business Week will be hosting “Movie Talk,” an occasion based around the hopes of sparking discussion about how sit-coms have helped individuals over the years to traverse the fluid cultural landscape in America.

The event is centered on the CNN docuseries History of the Sitcom, which will be presented before an audience to show the similarities between how diversity and inclusion within the business world can be linked to the world of comedy.  

“I think that between the documentary episode and the business world there are a lot of connections,” said Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator Abby Robinson. “I think seeing it through the eyes of comedy and the eyes of show business people are really going to be able to see what we’re talking about when we’re talking about diversity inclusion.”

After the episode has been shown, a panel of speakers will discuss the episode and their experiences and beliefs on the topic of diversity and inclusion. Panelists will consist of current faculty at ISU, as well as students who are passionate and involved with diversity and inclusion at the university.

“I think we are taking more of a unique approach by having a mixed panel with both students and professionals,” said Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator Daisy Rodriguez. “We can get both sides of perspectives as for students right now, and with professionals… We really want to emphasize both sides of the two worlds.”

The showing of the documentary will serve as an important vessel to guide the topic of diversity and inclusion with students and faculty alike.

“I think it makes conversation a lot easier, especially for people our age,” said Robinson. “Our original goal was to get a movie and have people just come and think they’re having a good time, but we also really want people to come and take something away with them.”

While the event is being hosted by Business Week, those from outside the college of business are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

Movie Talk will have free snacks provided to those in attendance and will be held in the Caterpillar Auditorium at 7 tomorrow evening.