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How International Students Can Land a Job in the US

Written by on September 30, 2022

Normal, Ill. –  International students attending Illinois State University have access to various resources through Career Services to find internships and full-time jobs in the U.S. 

Tamanna Tasmin, the Program Coordinator for Student Relations at Career Services, explains how international students can utilize tools through Career Services to start the job process.

“If you can think of anything career-related, Hire-A-Redbird is your one-stop solution for our students starting from booking advising appointments with our career advisors, updating or reviewing their resumes, reviewing their cover letters, and even we have a section in Hire-A-Redbird where they can look for jobs. We also have employers using Hire-A-Redbird, so they post the job openings in our portal, and students can log in and apply for the job.”

International students can attend the International Student Career Series, a virtual event where they can learn strategies for applying and getting a job in the U.S.

“International Career Series is specifically designed to assist our international students in landing a job in the U.S. if they choose to do so.” Said Tasmin. “The reason we have a separate series for them is that their job searching process and them getting a job is very different from how a U.S. citizen would get a job.”

Because international students have to go through a process that is different than citizens, the Career Series is a helpful tool in aiding students with the job process. Tasmin says how.

“We have a few programs listed under the International Student Career Series. Each of them talks about how to get ready for the career fair, how to start looking for a job, when to start looking for a job, what are the resources they should keep in mind when looking for a job, what are the legal implications they should keep in mind when looking for a job.”

The next virtual event of the series is Oct. 6 from 12-1:30 p.m and a list of all upcoming events can be found at www.CareerServices.ilstu.edu

“Definitely follow us on social media and keep following our website at our events page because all of our programs get updated on there.”