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Cummings Final Push: A March on the Quad

Written by on November 2, 2020

NORMAL, Ill.- The Democratic candidate for State Representative of District 105 marched with about 10 students from Fell Hall to Rosa Parks Room in Watterson Towers to go vote early. A final push by Chemberly Cummings for the college vote. She said this isn’t about influencing voters but rather encouraging them.

“I think what is showing is what we’re seeing, also with people of color across this country. There’s an excitement that hasn’t been there. This community in a sense, I hate to say it, but they expect you not to vote in a sense. They don’t expect students to vote. But to show if we can come together and show, look at all these students who actually care about the community, and they want to have a voice in the community. I think this is no different,” said Cummings.

Cummings covered her campaigning mask with a Ruth Bader Ginsburg mask.

Cummings and multiple members of Illinois State college democrats stood outside Watterson Towers tucking away their signs to avoid campaigning at the polls.

Incumbent Republican State Representative Dan Brady will be on the ballot with Cummings this year.

Cummings said she’s getting her masters at George Washington University and that helps her relate to college students.

“Certainly with the age, you know, I am a little bit younger, are connections are a little bit closer. I’m also a grad student,” said Cummings. “I understand a lot of what’s going on at the collegiate level because I’m a collegiate student myself, so I know about the student loan issues, I know about some of the things grad students face.”

March organizer and intern for Cummings, Paige Malloy, has been campaigning for Cummings. In the past she has organized Cummings calendar, organized press releases, and had a role in glow it up during welcome week.

“She believes for fighting for other people. It’s not about politics, she says she doesn’t do politics, and that’s completely true. She’s just about making other peoples lives better all around,” said Malloy.

Finally reaching their destination, the ISU democrats listened to Cummings and her closing speech.

Cummings said when she was a college student she made the mistake of not voting her first year. What pushed her to vote was getting a local gas station in her rural area. She said voting means so much.

“The decisions we make today impacts you guys more than it impacts me because what we do today actually has the greatest impact 10 years from now,” said Cummings.