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Children’s Discovery Museum opens Luckey Climber exhibit

Written by on October 23, 2023

Photo provided by the Children’s Discovery Museum

NORMAL, Ill. – The Children’s Discovery Museum opened the new and improved Luckey Climber on October 9 to create a safer and more family-friendly structure for the community.

Executive Director Beth Whisman said, “The Luckey Climber has been around for nearly 20 years, it served almost two million kids in that time, and we knew back in 2020 it was starting to show its age.”

One of Whisman’s main goals with the new renovations was to make it more inclusive to everyone, not just targeted to children but towards a broader audience.

“We ended up adding amenities that would give kids an extra optional thrill, but also to serve kids and adults who can’t climb,” she said.

To approach this problem, Whisman proposed building a glass floor to the design which will give access to the full experience to those who are unable to climb.

After about three years of renovations, the new Luckey Climber was able to open. Packed with special lighting, a new design and new features, the new exhibit became a hit on its opening weekend. The museum had approximately 500 people who walked through the doors to experience all of what the flashy new climber had to offer and each of whom provided their satisfaction at the new exhibit.

A big hit for the customers were the different lights that were featured in one of the tunnels. Whisman spoke on the ability for the lights to change to fit the appropriate theme. For example, lights were displayed colors of red and white for Illinois State’s homecoming weekend. Also, the Museum has plans to change the colors to orange and black for Halloween Weekend.

Whisman concluded with the power that the exhibit has on the community and the benefits it adds as well.

“It has a presence outside of our building, and we able to share the love we feel for the power of play and make a space fun,” she said.

She stressed her belief on the importance it is for children to find a safe space that they are able to come and just have fun. She also expressed her pride on the accomplishment sense of accomplishment that they newly renovated Luckey Climber has brought to the building.