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Beyoncé- The RENAISSANCE Tour

Written by on September 1, 2023

Beyoncé – RENAISSANCE Tour
By- Logan Moeller
On August 21, 2023, Beyoncé took the stage at The Dome at Americas Center in St. Louis. Despite her
being over an hour late she put on a phenomenal performance and sang for three hours straight.
This was not like a typical concert I have attend, this was a full experience. Throughout the three-hour
performance Beyoncé changed her outfit over five times, sang songs from every album, provided
amazing lighting and visuals, and flew around the arena on a silver chromatic horse. Her set list was
artistically picked and provided her new music, the classics, and some underground ballads and covers
that she loves.

One of my favorite aspects of the performance was the amazing dancers and performers that
assisted Beyoncé on stage. Beyoncé only settles for the best of the best and was accompanied by Honey
Balenciaga, The Les Twins, and Blue Ivy. During the song “MY POWER” Beyoncé’s eleven-year-old
daughter Blue Ivy took the stage and performed a hip-hop section accompanied by the dancers and her
mother. When Blue Ivy took the stage fans were going crazy over the amazing mother/ daughter
onstage duo.

Beyoncé knows how to give the fans what they want by performing some of her all-time
greatest hits including Run the World (Girls), Crazy in Love, Love On Top, Naughty Girl, and 7/11. Aside
from all these being classic Beyoncé songs, seeing them live gave them a whole new feel with different
remixes and edits of the song as well as hearing phenomenal live vocals.

My favorite Beyoncé album is RENAISSANCE, and she did not disappoint and played nearly every
song from that album. My top three songs I heard live was AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM, HEATED, PURE/
HONEY, and ALIEN SUPERSTAR. During AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM, Beyoncé took the stage in a bee
outfit and acted as a news reporter while also giving an insane dance break. HEATED made my favorites
list due to the rap section at the end when Beyoncé performed bar for bar of the original.in PURE/
HONEY Beyoncé took the time to give multiple dancers a solo, allowing them to highlight their talent.
Finally in ALIEN SUPERSTAR Beyoncé gave her absolute all with amazing vocals, props, and dancing.

Beyoncé’s concert was everything and more than I could have ever expected. When I heard she
was performing for three straight hours with no opener I expected a low energy performance but that is
not what was received. Beyoncé knows how to put on an amazing show that highlights her vocals,
dancing, and personality. This show proved Beyoncé has still got it and hopefully will keep dominating
the music industry for years to come.