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Beach Bunny – Blame Game EP

Written by on March 2, 2021

Beach Bunny is an indie alternative group from Chicago, Illinois that is fairly new to the music scene.  Forming in 2015, they have made a name for themselves as they gained exposure through TikTok.  The title track of their 2018 EP: Prom Queen went viral as a popular TikTok sound.  On January 15, 2021, they released their newest EP, Blame GameBlame Game is a four song exploration of the struggles of love in a patriarchal society and the effects that it has on women, all wrapped up in a fun indie alt-pop package.  

The no-nonsense cold open to this EP is a single titled “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used).” This track brings the sounds listeners would expect of indie alt-pop, setting the tone for a bold and fun EP! Lyrical content plays a big role in all of the tracks on Blame Game, which is another common trait of this genre. The lyrics of “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)” set up the story of our female protagonist, who I will refer to as Lili (after the lead singer) since she is unnamed in the songs. Lili declares “I’m tired of dumb boy talk,” and begins telling her love interest that she is fed up with his inconsistency through the verses and bouncy, fun chorus.  The otherwise driving and upbeat instrumentals are stripped down for the bridge to showcase Lili’s earnest, and telling lyrics. Finally, the line “you say you won’t, you do” is repeated through the end of the track, highlighting his inconsistency one last time.  

Track “Love Sick” follows up with a roll-the-windows-down, feel good vibe that would be a great addition to a summer roadtrip playlist. However, the lyrics are definitely heavier than the sound, recounting the struggles that Lili is facing amidst a breakup. As Lili tries to move on from the relationship depicted in “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)” she sings of being “sick of love” and “tired of breaking and healing,” yet still feeling “dizzy when their lips touch.” 

Next up, is “Nice Guys.” This track gives me “garage band” vibes in the best way, almost feeling reminiscent of the bands that are depicted in many early 2000’s teen comedies. It has a more grunge-y sound than the tracks before it, and that compliments the lyrical story well!  In this track, we see Lili battling entitled jerks in her quest to find a relationship. Lines like “I’m not your interest” and “I guess if I’m polite that means I ‘oughta stay the night” shed light on the “nice guy trope” that the song is named after. Then a later line, “I want someone who actually wears hearts inside their eyes” uses adorable imagery to demonstrate what kind of significant other Lili is looking for. 

Finishing out the EP is the title track, “Blame Game.” With classic 2000’s alt-pop sounds and emotionally charged lyrics, “Blame Game” is a powerhouse of a closer. The lyrics explore the double standards in a patriarchal society and the effects that victim blaming has on women.  While these topics are heavy and emotional, the track sets up this conversation in a clever and powerful way, as Lili mocks and rejects the victim blaming mindset.

Overall, I really enjoyed this EP, and I’m looking forward to seeing where Beach Bunny goes with their next releases. When first hearing Beach Bunny’s work, I really appreciated their sound. It’s exciting to see the alt-pop genre that was super popular in the early 2000’s coming back and influencing artists. 


Favorite Tracks: “Love Sick” and “Nice Guys”

Rate: 8/10