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Man in standoff after Rockford shooting

Man in standoff after Rockford shooting

LINCOLN – Shortly after 9 o’clock this morning in Rockford, 39-year old Floyd Brown of Springfield shot a U.S. Marshal who was trying to arrest him. A woman who was an acquaintance of Brown was also shot at the scene. Brown has an outstanding warrant against him for a burglary in Springfield on Sunday.

He was able to escape police, fleeing the scene and heading south until crashing near Lincoln. Illinois State Police had a lengthy standoff with the suspect. Northbound and southbound lanes on I-55 between milepost 126 and milepost 134 (near Lincoln) are blocked off until the situation is resolved. Brown is now reportedly talking to the police.

UPDATE: There is an unconfirmed report from an Illinois State Trooper that the officer who was shot, a McHenry Sheriff’s Deputy, has died from his injuries. Rockford police will not confirm at this time that the officer has died.

This is an ongoing story. WZND will provide more information as it arises.

Zach Wilson and Elizabeth Kolze contributed to this story.


Zach Wilson

March 7th, 2019

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