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Pritzker visits the Peoria Neighborhood House

Pritzker visits the Peoria Neighborhood House

PEORIA – Yesterday, Governor J.B Pritzker visited the Peoria Neighborhood House for the meals on wheels program to discuss economic plans and opportunities for people in communities across the state of Illinois.

Pritzker says that he has helped Illinois by raising the minimum wage, as he believes that it will result in one million people getting out of poverty. He will also be making child care assistant agencies available, as they were cut in the previous administration. Pritzker stayed that he wants parents to keep jobs and be employed while their child is assisted in an agency.

He has also been a part of the Share Our Strength program that helps kids get the breakfast they need for their great start to the day. Pritzker breaks down the program and its benefits to the kids in grades K-12.

“It’s a program that has expanded school breakfast in the K-12 system all across the state,” said Pritzker. “It’s something that I believe in strongly that kids are fed before they show up at school or when they get to school. Many kids don’t get breakfast before they start learning.”

In addition, Pritzker has implemented plans for university funding as well as scholarships for students, while also trying to balance the budget and lower income taxes.

Joey Smearman contributed to this story.

WZND Newsroom

March 5th, 2019

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