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Album Review

Taylor Swift – Reputation

Taylor Swift – Reputation

By: Brandon Moran and Genae Thomas

Taylor Swift is the daring superstar who managed to completely crossover from country to the mainstream. Her newest album, Reputation is a response to all of the haters that doubted she could do it. Hitting the no. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 albums charts for 3 weeks and counting, Swift’s reign is unstoppable.

Some people might argue that the direction she’s taken with her music is too different to be Taylor Swift. Well, in the words of Swift herself, the old Taylor is “dead.”  Being fans of hers for so long, we appreciate her new sound. From loving that girl who only sang about her exes while playing the guitar, to playing angsty pop music in stadiums, we can cherish her growth not only as an artist, but as a person – that is what we hear on this album. Reputation has brought a new level of maturity into Swift’s music. This album is fun, angsty, and even a little bit sexy. It packs the punch we all needed from today’s pop music.

Reputation starts with a cough in “…Ready For It,” telling us she’s back in the game, with a bang, and is taking no prisoner. It’s a perfect start to the album and return to the throne!

“End Game” (feat. Future & Ed Sheeran) starts with a chill vibe until the beat drops, transporting you to a different dimension. To be honest, we were not sure how this song was going to go, based on the features being two drastically different artists. Future is a rap artist, while Ed Sheeran is pop singer/songwriter — their styles could not be more different. Yet again, Swift proves she can break barriers with her musicality. With “End Game,” this combo could not be any more of a perfect fit.

Our agreed upon favorite track is “I Did Something Bad”. This feisty bad girl anthem was the most surprising. There’s a feeling of guilty pleasure in being able to twerk to a Taylor Swift song — we were shook in the best way possible.

Overall, Reputation was THAT album. Taylor took us on a journey through the last three years of her life, and we did not want it to end. But since it did, like all good things must, we’re thankful to have been able to witness this part of her through the magical album. Reputation was a fitting title; just when we thought she couldn’t get any better in our book, she did. Taylor Swift is back, y’all, and we look forward to whatever surprises she has for us next!


Rating: 10/10

Agreed Favorite Track: I Did Something Bad

Genae’s Favorite Tracks: Don’t Blame Me, Dress, So It Goes, Delicate, Dancing With Our Hands Tied

Brandon’s Favorite Tracks: End Game, King of My Heart, Getaway Car


WZND Newsroom

January 22nd, 2018

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