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WZND provides music and emcee services for all types of events.  We often conduct games, giveaways and play music for clients.  WZND all provides all equipment for our clients and offers live call-ins to 103.3 FM!

On-Campus Remote: $50.00 per hour
Off-Campus Remote: $75.00 per hour

Street Teams

At WZND, our award winning Promotions Team would love to advertise for your business on ISU’s campus. Our WZND Street Teams are able to distribute any promotional material for your organization.  Don’t have promotional material?  No problem, our Multimedia Department will produce material for you!

One Street Team: $50.00
Two Stree Teams: $100.00
Three Street Teams: $125.00


On-Air announcements:

WZND offers several options depending on your target audience. Your business has the option of having your announcements played any day of the week to sponsor one of WZND’s specialty shows.

$5.00 per announcement
Minimum of 20 announcements
Weekends are no additional charge
Announcements during sports are available
Individual proposals tailored for your organization are available



You can reach WZND’s online community by creating a website banner.  If you don’t have a banner graphic already, WZND’s Multimedia Department is able to create one for no additional cost.  Banners can also be linked directly to your website.

$100 for a full banner       (985 X 430 Pixels)


Social Media:

Let WZND use our social Media to tell our followers about you!  Social Media is a bonus on packages over $300.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Full Media Kit PDF