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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7-9 AM Wake Up Normal Wake Up Normal Wake Up Normal Wake Up Normal Wake Up Normal Z Kacie
9-11 AM Lil Mur TJ  Sydney Keegan Zach Fuzed Countdown 


11AM-1PM  Keegan Jamie Grace Joi  Karys

Flashback Friday @ noon

Fuzed Countdown  Brandon
1-3 PM  Grace  Z  Karys Scott B  Mitch Lil Mur Sydney
3-5 PM  Pat  Brian Colton   Brian   James Cosette


5-7 PM  Jamie

New Music Monday @ 6

 Pat  Danny  Hector

RedZone @ 6

 Scott B  Kacie  Casey
7-10 PM  Jasmin  Kyle Andrew Cosette  Kelsey