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Top 10 Darty Standouts

Darty season is just around the corner! Here are 10 ways to make your darty stand out! 10. Jersey Squad Pic It’s Jerseyyy Tiiiiiiimeeee! Squad up and bust out your best jersey for some Instagram-worthy photos that are guaranteed to hit you with the likes. 9. ISU Flag An ISU ...


April 8th, 2018

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10 Signs You’re Starting to Feel Old at ISU

10. Jamba Juice Going to the Rec used to be to burn off all your calories and then enjoy a nice, healthy smoothie. NOT ANYMORE. Now we gain all the calories back we just burned with Starbucks. 9. Lanyards Remember getting a lanyard when you first moved into the dorms and you


March 25th, 2018

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Top 10 Restaurants in Bloomington-Normal

10. Avanti’s The Gondola. ‘Nuff Said. 9. Meatheads Greasy, never frozen burgers cooked to perfection and edible cookie dough? What more do you need? 8. The Rock A gyro and cheese fries do not disappoint – my whole life was given to me. A whole lot of yummy ...

Kaitlyn Mayer

March 5th, 2018

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