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10 Signs You’re Starting to Feel Old at ISU

10. Jamba Juice

Going to the Rec used to be to burn off all your calories and then enjoy a nice, healthy smoothie. NOT ANYMORE. Now we gain all the calories back we just burned with Starbucks.

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9. Lanyards

Remember getting a lanyard when you first moved into the dorms and you never took it off? Seeing freshman wear them now sends a chill up your spine in cringe.

8. Grad Year

“I graduate in 2021!” Hearing those very words can make you feel like you have been at ISU for 10 years, at least.

7. Bill Shields

The acclaimed Geology professor that everyone had or wished they had. He was an ICON to ISU. Sadly since he retired, the underclassmen will never get to experience his legendary lectures.

Courtesy of Illinois State University website

6. Going to Bed at a Decent Hour

It’s 9 pm on Wednesday night, and you’re in bed about to fall asleep while all of your friends are at Pub II. You realize you have turned into a grandma and can’t hang like you used to.

 5. Campus Tours

You’re on your way to class and you see the young group of prospective students touring campus. It sets in that you’re super old because it feels like your campus visit was 8 years ago.

Courtesy of Illinois State University website

4. Yik Yak

Instead of sub tweeting that your roommates were being loud when having friends over, there was Yik Yak. It’s dead and it’s not coming back.

3. Clothing Choices for the Cold

Seeing girls wear cute skirts when it’s 20 degrees outside but you’re older and wiser now. Warm and comfortable > cute and cold.

2. The Old McAlister’s

You know the new McAlister’s is really nice but every time you go to eat there, you feel nostalgic as you miss the old setup and pictures of what it used to be.

Courtesy of Illinois State University website

1. Subway Cups

It’s a Friday night, you’re heading out and you see people with large Subway cups and YOU KNOW there is not just Cola in that cup. It brings you back to the good old days.

Written by Brandon Moran.

Hope Daly

March 25th, 2018

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