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10 Meals Your Mom Would Not Approve

We talked with ISU students about some of the unhealthiest meals they have had in college. Here are 10 meal equations your mom would not approve!

10. Ice cream + cookies + a plate full of everything else Watty has to offer = A sweet sensation!

9. Subway cookies = Breakfast. Who hasn’t?

8. Mac & cheese cup + cookies + Hot Cheetos = A typical college meal.

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7. Tea + white cheddar popcorn + Hot Cheetos + salt and vinegar chips = How about that starch though?

6. Ramen noodles + Cheetos Puffs + Kit Kats = “Have no food… have a Kit Kat!”

5. A whole ice cream cake = Can you say brain freeze?

Source: Quick Meme

4. Ramen noodles + chicken tenders + milkshake = Might not be too bad of a combo!

Source: Quick Meme

3. Cookie Crisp cereal + milk + after the cereal is gone, add Reese’s pieces and peanuts and eat it with the leftover milk = A cereal inspiration or a cereal violation?

2. Sausage + bagel + gelato + chips & salsa + a whole pizza = WOWZA!

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1. Oreos + powdered donuts + Chili Cheese Fritos + potato chips = A vending machine meal for the win!

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Written by Brandon Moran

Hope Daly

April 29th, 2018

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