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Spack reflects after Brees sets NFL passing record

Spack reflects after Brees sets NFL passing record

NORMAL – Brock Spack was just beginning his tenure as defensive coordinator at Purdue University when quarterback Drew Brees started his freshman year there.

The year was 1997 when Brees and Spack both began at Purdue and Spack still maintains the relationship to this day.

“I did text him, he usually takes about 48 hours to respond, but I know he will.”

Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, set the NFL record for all-time passing yards on Monday night against the Redskins in the Saints 43-19 win. But it was not always clear that the all-pro would be an all-time great, at least according to Spack.

“He didn’t look like much when he walked in the door…he almost wasn’t the starting quarterback in high school. He really matured.”

Brees now stands alone with 72,103 passing yards and counting in his career.  Safe to say he has matured, but Spack said the arm talent was always there.

“He was always able to spin the ball and was very accurate from the start.”

Aside from his arm talent, Spack emphasized Brees’ preparation and the time he spent in the film room.

“He was a really good student and Sunday through Wednesday he would watch film but not as much as he wanted…on Thursday he would stay later than any coach watching film and would lock the doors when he left.”

As it stands now, Brock Spack is coaching in his tenth season at Illinois State and is second all-time in wins with 76. Brees is currently leading the Saints to 4-1 record and first place in the NFC South. While both men have experienced many individual achievements, as well as sustained excellence in the sport – their humble beginnings instilled unbreakable work ethics and unwavering determination that has served them both well not only throughout their respective careers, but also fuels their impenetrable commitment to their craft, even to this day.

Isaac Missel

October 9th, 2018

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