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Muller Talks about Compensation for College Players

Muller Talks about Compensation for College Players

Muller speaks his mind on Fred VanVleet and paying college players. (Photo courtesy goRedbirds.com) 

NORMAL – Former Wichita State player and current Toronto Raptor point guard Fred VanVleet is under investigation on whether or not he received money from an NBA agency during his senior year in 2016, according to multiple media reports.

Illinois State men’s basketball coach Dan Muller, who has a history of scouting and preparing for VanVleet said its an eerie situation.

“I think the first thing is you’re not surprised [with] a player of that caliber, by the time Fred was a junior or senior it was well known his potential as a player.  The other part of it is when a coach is involved in paying a player, that’s a coaching issue.  On the other hand if an agent is paying a player, though that’s illegal, coaches can’t now everything a player is doing.” said Muller.

Though it is connected to a formal rival, Muller maintained his belief that WSU is not connected to any payments made to VanVleet. Muller also touched on the hotly debated topic in college sports about whether or not players should get paid for their services:

“I don’t have a final answer for that, I obviously have thought about it a lot with recent events. Right now I don’t think universities should be paying players anymore than what they do in tuition and the cost of attendance to other games.  But the question is, do you allow them to make money outside of the scholarship during the school year whether it’s endorsements, being in commercials, or getting a job.” said Muller.

Amid all of the controversy, the ISU men’s basketball team will be in St. Louis this weekend for the Missouri Valley’s Arch Madness tournament.  Muller sang the praises of the team’s first opponent, Indiana State, saying their record does not show their true talent.  The two teams will face off on Friday, March 2nd from the Scottrade Center at 8:30 PM.

Isaac Missel contributed to this story

Isaac Missel

March 1st, 2018

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