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Dining with Doyle

Dining with Doyle: BraiZe – October 27, 2017

Dining with Doyle: BraiZe – October 27, 2017

Tucked on the west side of the Parke Regency Hotel & Conference Center is BraiZe, a new age American style restaurant priding itself on their saying, “Eat. Drink. Be weird.”

Co-owned by Lincoln natives Zack Poleto and Brandon Leach, the duo opened BraiZe in 2014. Originally located in an old kitchen at the VFW, the start wasn’t exactly what the best friends were looking for.

“We totally missed the mark on what we wanted to do…quickly we changed course and came up with our sandwich called the BraiZito and moved locations,” Leach said.

Inspiration came from travelling all over the world, as Poleto and Leach have ventured to places like India, parts of Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and across the United States. A big part of their travels helped to develop the BraiZe menu and how they would develop the restaurant.

“We’re unique and not like any other sandwich shop around town. Its just not turkey thrown onto some bread…there’s a lot more flavor and culinary expertise put into the food,” Leach said.

With a very modern and relaxed mood, it’s exactly how the owners wanted the atmosphere to feel. Attracting the common folk for a very well put together lunch or dinner allowing customers to taste the uniqueness of the menu is where the goal is focused.

It’s hard to categorize what to expect when going to this establishment. The question of what to expect or what do you serve is a common one. There’s such a variety and quirkiness within the place it almost hard to explain and just has to be experienced.

Turning to the food, the BraiZito is their staple as it’s a six-inch chunk of hot, fresh-baked bread hollowed out and stuffed with all kinds of ingredients. This creation, which in a way is a sandwich but much more, has driven the inspiration and focus of what BraiZe has and wants to become.

I decided to try the Rasta, one of the BraiZito’s that comes jammed with Jamaican jerk chicken, bacon, swiss, romaine, and reggae sauce. It’s a perfect combination of ingredients, as the chicken is tender and the reggae sauce helps to complement the jerk seasoning.

It really is such a different type of sandwich and something I’ve never really experienced before. It’s definitely something I would recommend anyone to try and is something I would for sure dive into again. With the many different combinations the options are endless and makes you think of the countless ideas of what other delicious ingredients can be stuffed into a hollowed out roll.

If this place hasn’t been on your radar I suggest checking it out. With a friendly staff, great surroundings, and even more interesting menu, this joint is a one of a kind.

BraiZe earns a score of 4.4 out of 5.

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October 27th, 2017

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