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Birds’s-I-View: Twin Atro-cities: Small Town Big Crime

Birds’s-I-View: Twin Atro-cities: Small Town Big Crime

This month on the Bird’s-I-View: Small Town Big Crime, the WZND News team discussed crime and how its provided to be a major factor in your backdoor with hosts Ashley Antonini, Maddy Wierus and Blake Haas. WZND’s John Murray opens the show with a deeper look into how local law enforcement are taking extra measures to keep the Bloomington-Normal area safe (1:50-5:13). With social media providing a major impact on Illinois State University students today, WZND’s Nick Sadowski explains what crimes are taking place from social media on campus and what the most common report is (8:17-10:19). Many Bloomington-Normal residents love to run, walk or bike on a 45-mile hard surfaced trail the twists and turns its self through the twin-cites, but many residents have became eerie after multiple crimes and a body was found on the trail. WZND’s Julie Martin delved into the the Constitution Trail, the communities most popular path on how the trail is notorious for suspicious activity (10:57-13:35). With suspicious activity happening on the Constitution Trail, a $45 million expansion broke ground in May to the McLean County Jail. WZND’s Hannah Zettl takes a closer look on why the expansion is necessary and when Bloomington-Normal residents can expect the project to be completed (16:25-18:56). To fill the new expansion to the McLean County Jail, WZND’s Neil Doyle provides a closer look on how drug arrest were up in 2016 55 percent (19:05-21:25). Finally, WZND’s Ashley Antonini shares her story on how the Las Vegas shooting have provided a trickle effect on Bloomington-Normal residents (23:26-26-32).

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October 29th, 2017

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