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Bird’s-I-View: Redbird Migration

Bird’s-I-View: Redbird Migration

NORMAL- Illinois State University is full of student athletes from across the globe. This month’s Birds-I-View focused on the migration of ISU athletes from where they came from and where they are now. The Birds-I-View team reported on ISU athletes that flocked from many nations including the seven-foot-one-inch David Ndiaye who grew up in Paris, France. Ndiaye is now finding his home at Redbird Arena on the campus of ISU. While Ndiaye is dunking basketballs, other student athletes are paving their way across Illinois State. One of those student athletes that found their home at Redbird Arena along with Ndiaye is on the women’s basketball team. Millie Stevens who grew up in Surrey, England is now dribbling her way to success at ISU. These are just a few of the student athletes who have flocked to ISU. Who knows who will flock to ISU in the next Birds-I-View.

WZND Newsroom

May 1st, 2017

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