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Birds-I-View: Human Sex Trafficking

Birds-I-View: Human Sex Trafficking

In the September edition of Birds-I-View, the WZND News Team takes an in-depth look at human sex trafficking and how it could affect you.

WZND’s Hector Carrion starts off the show with an introduction to the topic and a general overview of what it is (1:55-4:44). Mitch Stengel investigates the role social media plays into the hands of human sex traffickers and how popular dating apps are being used to find their next targets (5:09-7:22). Sarah Feltes then talked to ISU Police Chief Aaron Woodruff to discuss more on the prevalence of the problems locally versus nationally (9:41-11:20), followed by Julie Martin’s interview of an ISU student who has firsthand experience with being approached (13:11-14:25). Isaac Missel spoke to Greg Leipold to get some tips and tricks on how to protect yourself if you ever feel like you are in danger. To close out the show, WZND News Director John Murray discusses measures the university takes to ensure the safety of all students, and how all Redbirds can continue to stay safe.

Anthony Ferretti

September 30th, 2018

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