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Zoo to Host Halloween Spooktacular

Zoo to Host Halloween Spooktacular

Halloween Spooktacular Night event to take place at Bloomington’s Miller Park Zoo.

BLOOMINGTON – The Miller Park Zoo is hosting their 2nd annual “Spooktacular Night” this weekend.

The event is set to take place from five to eight p.m. on Saturday the 27th and at noon on Sunday the 28th. The Zoo will be filled with light up Halloween decorations with many different activities to take part in. The activities include different crafts, local vendors, up-close animal encounters, and candy for the kids.

“There is going to be a great variety of things for everyone to have fun with,” saidĀ Marketing Assistant Tom Rakestraw. “There is going to be a day and a night portion that will have fun stuff like hay rides, bounce houses, a lot of fun games, giveaways and even some face painting.”

“Last year it was only a one-day event and the turn out was much more than we expected,” said Rakestraw. “We almost had too many people come out to enjoy the festivities. Because of that fact, we decided to do the two separate days this year. We are hoping that it will help offset how busy and congested the zoo was last year and hopefully let the families enjoy it more.”

While the cool weather can be bothersome for visitors, the cold can actually be better for the animals.

“It really is a great time of the year to do this sort of thing,” said Rakestraw. “The animals seem to be more active with the cool weather and it’s what we like to see.”

The Zoo has on exhibits on reindeer, Sumatran tigers, flamingos, lemurs, bald eagles, and more.

Questions are being taken by the Miller Park Zoo at (309) 434-2260.

Andrew Ailey contributed to this story.

WZND Newsroom

October 27th, 2018

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