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International Seminar Series continues at ISU

International Seminar Series continues at ISU

NORMAL – Illinois State University is bringing a focus on world religious literacy to its’ International Seminar Series this spring. 

The seminar focuses on worldwide topics every semester to allow the community to become well versed on international issues.

The series hosts guests experts of the selected topics and are available for questions after the seminar. The International Seminar Series is a coordinated by Larissa Kennedy. This series is one of the most popular diverse events on campus, Kennedy believes the series draws bigger crowds every year.

“The series is available to the public and students, because of this we expect conversations that will enrich our student’s experiences,” says Kennedy.

Larrisa Kennedy described the importance of introducing students to individuals who have experienced and studied these topics.

“There is a lot of talk about diversity on campus, but understanding a variety of religions on campus and in the community is crucial for understanding the world.”

The seminar hosts different guest each week. The International Seminar Series is open to the public and students and hosted in the Bone Student Center.

Maritza Navar-Lopez contributed to this story. 

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February 6th, 2019

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