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State Farm announces reduction of almost 900 IT jobs

State Farm announces reduction of almost 900 IT jobs

State Farm headquarters located in Bloomington, Il. announced of the job reduction early Tuesday morning. (Photo courtesy JKW/Pintrest)

BLOOMINGTON – Hundreds of jobs move in and out of the Bloomigton State Farm Headquarters, but almost 900 jobs will soon be gone for good.

State Farm announced in a Press Release earlier Tuesday morning that 890 non-management, professional-level IT jobs will be reduced from the Bloomington campus.

According to a State Farm spokeswoman, 30 positions will move to Atlanta, Ga. while 70 will be moved to Dallas and another 280 will be stationed in Phoenix.

“The overall State Farm Bloomington workforce will remain at around 15,000 workers,” said a State Farm spokeswoman. “Some employees may choose to retire or pursue opportunities outside of State Farm, others may be eligible for severance benefits.”

A State Farm spokeswoman said even overall 500 jobs will be cut.

“By the end of this realignment we expect to see an overall reduction of approximate 500 non-management, professional-level IT jobs across State Farm.”

Blake Haas contributed to this story.

WZND Newsroom

March 6th, 2018

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