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Redbird Arena to Host Mass-Dispensing Exercise

Redbird Arena to Host Mass-Dispensing Exercise

McLean County’s Health Department will conduct a public health crisis test at Redbird Arena on Friday morning.

NORMAL – The McLean County Health Department will be teaming up with Illinois State University this Friday to conduct a simulated mass-dispensing exercise. This drill, conducted by the Health Department in conjunction with other emergency response organizations – such as the American Red Cross and Salvation Army – is meant for the county to practice and prepare its response in the event of a public health crisis.

Redbird Arena will be serving as the designated triage-site, where massive amounts of medication and/or other needed materials would be dispensed to the public in the aftermath of a local health emergency. Other miscellaneous types of medical aid and services will be practiced during this drill, as well.

Whether it’s a deadly pandemic, a natural disaster, or a chemical emergency – the McLean County Health Department deems emergency preparedness and organization a matter of the utmost importance.

A statement released by the Health Department on Tuesday explained this exercise as an opportunity to demonstrate its “ability to protect and promote health in McLean County through the effective distribution of medical countermeasures to many persons in a short period of time.”

Other participants in this exercise will include members of the Normal Fire Department, along with corporate representatives from Nicor Gas and the McLean County Disaster Council, as additional contributing partners.

The exercise will begin at 10 a.m. on Friday.

John Murray contributed to this story.

John Murray

September 12th, 2018

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