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Power outage affects portion of Illinois State University

Power outage affects portion of Illinois State University

Students awoke early Friday morning to no power, Illinois State director of Media Relations Eric Jome, says power has now been restored to various outages across campus. (Photo courtesy WZND)

NORMAL – The lights went out at several buildings across the Illinois State University campus leading to class cancellations at the Center for Visual Arts.

Power was lost in the north tower of Waterson Towers, Hewitt and Manchester residence halls, and the Center for Visual Arts. ISU electricians worked with Ameren crews to pinpoint the cause of the outage, which according to director of Media Relations, Eric Jome, was tracked back to high voltage electrical equipment in the Center for Visual Arts.

Power has been restored to Watterson, Hewitt and Manchester. The Center for Visual Arts is still offline and classes in the building have been canceled for the day.

“Really early this morning a decision was made by the university administration to close that building for the day, and cancel classes in the CVA,” Jome said.

Because the power loss happened very early in the morning, most students were asleep and unaware of the situation, and power was restored before many students left for class.

Jome stressed that students in the residence hall affected by the outage were never in any danger

“There was emergency lighting and backup power for basic operations.”

ISU is continuing to work to resolve the situation.

Laurel Becker contributed to this story.

WZND Newsroom

February 2nd, 2018

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