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Liquor Licence Inspection soon coming to the ‘twin-cities’

Liquor Licence Inspection soon coming to the ‘twin-cities’

The state of Illinois and McLean County announced a new Liquor Inspection Pilot. (Photo Courtesy WZND/Blake Haas)

BLOOMIINGTON – Last week, the State of Illinois and McLean county governments announced a joint Liquor Inspection Pilot Program.

The two recently came together and collaborated to launch the McLean County Liquor Inspection Pilot Program. With this, the McLean County Sheriffs Office Detectives will soon be carrying out standard Liquor Inspections for McLean County licence holders on behalf of the State of Illinois.

Along with this initiative, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission has begun giving financial assistance an improved training for inspectors, paid for on behalf of the state of Illinois.

Illinois Department of Revenue State Spokesman Terry Horstman says the finical help and assistance that will provide coverage of the ‘twin-cities.’

“This allows full coverage for the county of McLean as far as their Liquor Inspections,” Horstman said. “It also allows state Liquor Control Commissions to focus on the larger macro state wide issues such as the illegal importation of alcohol, trade practice violations, and sale of alcohol to minors.”

The program will help both the state of Illinois and McLean County with financial stability.

Sarah Feltes and John Murray Contributed to this story

WZND Newsroom

November 1st, 2017

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