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ISU Students Participate in Redbird Rumble

ISU Students Participate in Redbird Rumble

ISU students participate in Redbird Rumble on Tuesday night (Photo Courtesy/Illinois State University).

NORMAL – Nearly 300 Illinois State students flocked to Hancock Stadium Tuesday for a night of entertainment, camaraderie, and some friendly competition.

Those students made up the 40 teams participating in Illinois State University’s annual Redbird Rumble. The event, widely regarded as a Homecoming Week staple on campus, saw students going head-to-head in various types of. Some of the games included: how fast teams could kick a shoe onto a table, running across the field while balancing golf balls on a plate, shooting tennis balls through narrow hoops, a crab-walking contest, and many more.

ISU sophomore Kurt Huegelmann believed that the event is as popular as it is among students because of the way it brings them together.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for students to have some fun with their friends, get a little competition among some RSO’s going, and just have a good time and make some good memories with friends,” said Huegelmann, who was participating in the event for his first time on Tuesday evening.

The Homecoming Week festivities continue with UPB’s movie night at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, in the Prairie Room of the Bone Student Center.

A complete list of homecoming activities can be found on https://homecoming.illinoisstate.edu/.

John Murray contributed to this story. 

John Murray

October 10th, 2018

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