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ISU students gather at Open Mic

ISU students gather at Open Mic

Students across the Illinois State University campus were given the opportunity to share their voices in an Open Mic night. (Photo courtesy Joi Adams/WZND)

NORMAL – On Thursday night, Illinois State University students gathered in the Bone Student Center to watch and participate in an Open Mic.

The Open Mic was put together by the Profound Pioneers Entertainment group (PPEG), an RSO at Illinois State. According to the group’s Twitter Page, PPEG is committed to giving ISU student’s entertainment, innovation and positivity. 

“The main purpose of our group is to bring students together on ISU’s campus in a setting that allows them to showcase their talent,” PPEG’s Vice President Ayisha Stanley said about the RSO. “Whether it be through monologues, spoken word, rapping or singing, we just provide entertainment outlets for people.”

The event not only featured the Open Mic Artists but guest featured Hunid Proof, a slam poetry champion and spoken work artist.   

“You can expect amazing art from students on campus, that people can relate to. It’s just an amazing experience to see everyone come together,” Stanley said to describe the show.

During the event, multiple students performed songs, raps, and poetry. Thursday night’s Open Mic was the third one that the PPEG has hosted this year.

Stanley also added that the Profound Pioneers Entertainment group will be holding another Open Mic that takes place on Thursday, December 7th, at 8:30 p.m. in the Bone Student Center on the campus of ISU. 

Joi Adams contributed to this story. 

WZND Newsroom

November 17th, 2017

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