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ISU Students Chat With Deans in SGA’s Coffee with the Deans

ISU Students Chat With Deans in SGA’s Coffee with the Deans

Students talk to one of many Illinois State University deans in attendance as part of the Student Government Association’s Coffee with the Deans program at the Bone Student Center on Wednesday (Photo Credit: Nick Landi/WZND).

NORMAL- Illinois State University students got the chance to talk to one of many of the school’s deans as a part of the Student Government Association’s Coffee with the Deans program at the Bone Student Center on Wednesday. 

The event took place from noon-2 p.m. in the dining area near Einstein Bros. Bagels. Students who got involved were given the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with an ISU dean.

“It’s my personal opinion that any administration, faculty, anything like that should spend as much time with students as possible,” SGA academic senator Magalie Baker said. “I just think that’s important in helping understandings in both directions. So, when the university says something that students don’t necessarily like, we should be able to have an open conversation about that. Same thing when they do something good.”

According to Baker, this is the second time this event has been put together after a successful inaugural program in 2016. One of the participants in this year’s program was College of Applied Science and Technology dean Todd McLoda.

“I think transparency is a key to who I am [and] my leadership style,” McLoda said. “Really, there aren’t very many questions that are off topic. It’s just a matter of what is the right forum for me to have conversations like this and discuss those sorts of things.”

Baker says the SGA is continuing to look for feedback from students for future programs.

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November 30th, 2017

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