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ISU Spanish Club hosts Día De Los Muertos celebration

ISU Spanish Club hosts Día De Los Muertos celebration

NORMAL – The Spanish Club at Illinois State University presented the many ways Mexican Culture celebrates the traditional Dia De los Muertos on the 1st of November.

The Redbird Spanish Club Treasurer conducted the presentation and displayed the traditional altar for students to see.

Treasurer Angelina Violeta Maria Del Rosio Hernandez Torres expressed the importance of these celebrations on campus.

“It’s for our future generations not to forget where we come from,” said Hernandez.

The presentation explained the week long celebration, the different forms of altars, and the origin of the Day of the Dead.

However, not only did the presentation aid in the understanding of other students to the traditional holiday, Torres explained how the presentation also helped her understand her own culture as well.

“Being Mexican and I lived in Mexico,” sais Hernandez, “There’s somethings you sometimes learn to do, and you don’t know why. This presentation helped me dig deeper with it and it makes you value your culture and why we do things.”

The celebration is held each year in a different manner and is open to all students at Illinois State University.

Maritza Navar-Lopez contributed to this story.

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November 2nd, 2018

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