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ISU Career Center Hosts InstaCareer Fair

ISU Career Center Hosts InstaCareer Fair

Hundreds of students attended the InstaCareer Fair on Tuesday night. 

NORMAL – Illinois State University’s Career Center brought its semesterly Career Fair to the Bone Student Center on Tuesday night, bringing many eager students and professionals with it.

This fall’s fair, known as InstaCareer, brought in job recruiters and career advisors from numerous industries to offer interviewing tips and advice for students. Attending students had access to live seminars, various paper handouts, and words of wisdom from experienced professionals on how to prepare for job interviews.

Topics covered at the fair ranged from dressing business casual, to creating 30-second elevator pitches, to having an appropriate handshake. Mock-interviews and hands-on personal resume editing were offered, as well.

Maureen Roach, ISU’s Assistant Director for Programs and Events, has always been a firm believer in providing students with all materials and resources necessary for them to succeed in finding jobs post-graduation. To Roach, the InstaCareer Fair is a must-attend for all students who are serious about their future.

“I think it’s important for students to come and gain this information and gaining the confidence for effective communication”, said Roach. “This is important in order for a student to show their individual self and what they bring to the table.”

InstaCareer nights are held in the Bone Student Center once per semester, with the next event being tentatively scheduled for early February.

Will Farlow contributed to this story.

Will Farlow

September 11th, 2018

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