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International Gala night ‘highlighted’ by International students

International Gala night ‘highlighted’ by International students

Illinois State University hosted International Gala Night at Hancock Stadium. (Photo courtesy Hector Carrion/WZND)

The annual International Gala Night took place Thursday night at the Hancock Stadium Club, Hancock Stadium on the campus of Illinois State University. The event which was hosted by the United International Association brought together cultures from around the world with food, music, and presentations from various international student organizations.

International Gala Night was headlined by various International student organizations from ISU who all gave presentations about their organizations. President of the United International Association, Cosette Groisiller opened up the festivities with a speech about the event and why it is so special to the international community at ISU.

“Our goals with International Gala night is to provide the opportunity to all the diverse and ethnic RSO’s at ISU,” Groisller said. “(It helps) present what they are about and what kind of events that they represent and create throughout the year.”

International Gala Night plays a significant role in the international community at ISU. The event is aimed towards not only The international community here at ISU, but for the whole community of Bloomington-Normal. Groisiller said, “It’s for everyone to join and celebrate culture and appreciate and we get a lot of feedback. We see the impact that we make.”

International Gala Night is just one of many event held by the United International association at ISU that finds success with more than just the international community. The growing International within and around ISU show how much success International Gala Night and other events held by the United International Association have in the community.

Hector Carrion contributed to this story.

Hector Carrion

November 2nd, 2017

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