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Green Bay Packers Quarterback scores big at 25th Annual Evening of the Stars

Green Bay Packers Quarterback scores big at 25th Annual Evening of the Stars

Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers highlights 25th annual Evening of the Stars on Tuesday night in Uptown Normal. (Photo courtesy Blake Haas/WZND)

NORMAL – With a famous Quarterback throwing amazing passes on the football field, one National Football League star scored a touchdown on Tuesday night and pulled off a discount double check dance move.

Green bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers highlighted the 25th annual Evening of the Stars which was held in the Marriott ballroom in Uptown Normal.

The annual event hosted by the American Red Cross recapped a three year campaign called Sound the Alarm, which has saved almost four-hundred lives by installing smoke alarms into homes.

State Farm Vice President of Operations Kevin and wife Lisa Callis served as the Co-Chairs of the event and noted in their opening remarks that the Evening of the Stars was aimed at giving back to those in need.

“Service, giving back, caring for others. Through the years so many people have been touched by the Red Cross here in the community,” noted Kevin Callis. “You can be proud. Because as a part of the Evening of Stars, you’re apart of hope, and help for someone who (needs it).”

With numbers still being tallied, the annual Evening of the Stars was the highest gross and net revenue in the history of the event, while it was the highest attendance with over eleven-hundred in attendance.

“Our gross revenue was the highest it has ever been,” Kevin Callis said. “What that means is more care, more comfort, more blankets, more water and more of the things that are necessary for the Red Cross to respond when needed.”

With a couple of Bears jokes along the way, Packers Quarterback Rodgers said everyone can do the discount double check if you take one step forward to helping those in need.

“If you just do one thing like this a year just realize you are making a difference,” Rodgers said. “Now I encourage you to do more, but we all have the opportunity to use our platform… I realized how many people need help. I think with great power and great opportunity as well to do things comes great responsibility. The responsibility is to make a difference and to leave the world a better place than you found it.”

Rodgers added that even though he is the Captain for the Packers on the field, he want’s to remembered for more than just scoring touchdowns and beating the Bears.

“As important to me as my legacy is and how my teammates remember me, and of how well I play on the field (it is) as important as the impact (that I) make off of the field,” added Rodgers. “I take those opportunities so seriously and I try to tell the young people as well how important it is to just get involved. Just how important it is to us as fans and our team for that sense of belonging to something special and movement that is doing something special it is life changing and that is very fulfilling as well.”


Pictured above is Illinois State Representative Dan Brady meeting members of the community during the 25th annual Evening of the Stars event.

Blake Haas contributed to this story. 

This story will be updated. 

WZND Newsroom

April 24th, 2018

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