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College of Business introduces speaker series

College of Business introduces speaker series

The State Farm College of Business helps students not only grow inside the classroom but outside the classroom, (Photo courtesy Julie Martin/WZND) 

NORMAL – Wednesday morning the College of Business hosted their first Speaker Series event. This event invited students to the Alumni Relations center to engage in a conversation about the business industry.

The topic for the speaker series was “The future of the Insurance Industry.” Duane Farrington the Executive Vice-President at State Farm Insurance was the keynote speaker for the discussion.

Students were able to have conversations about technology and how it had caused changes in the insurance industry. Farrington commented that insurance company’s use technology to connect with people all over the United States.

ISU Marketing student, Virgel Caval, says students can benefit from the speaker series, it helps them build skills they would need for the business industry after college.

“I think the series is important because being able to graduate out of college you need to be able to add value and to be as asset to a company…you need jump right in to the business already knowing what’s taking place and already knowing where the direction of the industry is headed.”

Farrington also explained how the company is looking at innovated ways to improve their use with upcoming technology. Students were able to ask questions and get insight on what enhancements State Farm has been using within their company. Farrington says State Farm has integrated the use of drones for the help with estimations and claims on houses.

With speaker series such as this one help student’s ingrate into the business world. But what does this mean for students and the way professors teach in the classroom?

College of Business Dean, Ajay Samant, says the development in the business industry helps evolve programs at ISU.

“Speaker series such as this one gives us insight from a large cooperation point-of-view, this then helps us expand our curriculum inside the classroom, and prepare students for the business industry.”

This year the College of Business is celebrating their 50th anniversary. The College of Buisness plans to have another speaker series in the spring semester.

Julie Martin contributed to this story.

Julie Martin

November 9th, 2017

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