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City of Bloomington warning of possible dangerous driving conditions

City of Bloomington warning of possible dangerous driving conditions

Snow fall is expected to reach 2-3 inches though Bloomington-Normal. (Photo courtesy Illinois Department of Transportation/Twitter)

NORMAL –  More than 24 Illinois Department of Transportation trucks remain on guard to plow the twin-cities when an expected 2-3 inches of snow fall sweeps its way through Bloomington-Normal.

City of Bloomington Director of Public Works, Jim Karch, said as road conditions deteriorate drivers need to use caution.

“Really the key for drivers during those times when it is actively snowing and when the streets are not (plowed), that’s when you have to start breaking well ahead of time before the intersections,” Karch said. “Your traction is not going to be as good, drive carefully during those times. We also want to remind drivers to give plenty of room for the snow plow’s. They (snow plow drivers) are in bigger vehicles and its harder for them to see, they are trying to distribute salt and take care of the roads they have a lot to take care of.”

Karch said Bloomington will have 24 snow plow trucks running through the night in order to prep the roads for the morning commute.

“Our standard protocol is to have 24 trucks out thought the evening and night heading into the next day (Tuesday morning),” Karch said. “(We will) have one heavy operator that will load the salt. Once the snow reached two inches per usual we will go then go into the residential sections and deal with all of the lower volume streets heading into the next day.”

With crews working around the clock Karch said plowing the snow is a delicate process.

“We don’t want to salt too much when its snowing, that’s the worst time to put salt on because it will be plowed right off,” Karch added. “During key times you can put a few hundred tons of salt on during any given shift.”

The City of Bloomington has issued a Parking Ban from 3 p.m. Monday until noon on Tuesday.

Blake Haas contributed to this story.

WZND Newsroom

February 5th, 2018

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