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Bright Future for Bicycle Safety

Bright Future for Bicycle Safety

Local residents brought their bikes to uptown Normal Thursday evening (Photo Courtesy Anthony Ferretti/WZND).

NORMAL – Connect Transit hosted its 6th annual “Light the Night” event Thursday evening, where Normal residents gathered in uptown to raise awareness for bike safety.

Connect Transit provided complimentary front and rear LED lights, as well as free bicycle repairs, to anyone who brought their bike to the event.

Town Planner Mercy Davison spoke about how important she believes bicycle safety is, and the importance of it being practiced by bicyclists and automobile drivers alike:

“Not looking at their phones, not having earbuds in while riding, knowing the rules of the road and following them…If you are a predictable rider, you are a safer rider…knowing the rules and being really aware are super important.”

Recognizing the vulnerability of bicyclists sharing the roadways with cars, Connect Transit hopes that this simple act of installing more lights on bicycles can lead to a brighter future for road safety here in Bloomington-Normal.

Anthony Ferretti Contributed to this Story

Anthony Ferretti

September 9th, 2018

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