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Bloomington hosts Tour de Chocolat

Bloomington hosts Tour de Chocolat

Downtown Bloomington hosts their annual Tour de Chocolat for February’s First Friday (Photo courtesy of Downtown Bloomington Facebook).

NORMAL – Tonight at five p.m. kicks off a tradition from Bloomington lasting just over 11 years.

First Fridays from Downtown Bloomington happens every first Friday of the month, and this February is no different. First Fridays are nights when the entire Downtown Bloomington area and its businesses extend their hours and provide food, entertainment, and tours for residents to remind them of the opportunities available in Downtown Bloomington. Every First Friday has a theme.

February is the Tour de Chocolat, a night of chocolate-themed sweets and savories in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

“It’s our most popular [First Friday], aside from Christmas, but by far during our regular programming this is the one that gets folks out,” Downtown Division Manager for the City of Bloomington Tricia Stiller said.

“Each of our participating businesses will be featuring some sort of chocolate giveaway, whether it’s baked goods or they are partnering with a restaurant. Some of our restaurants are doing cocoa-infused menus for the evening. All kinds of wonderful chocolate goodies, whether it’s chocolate soup at Kelly’s Bakery or spicy hot cocoa at the Eaton Art Gallery.”

Stiller says that the First Friday events give people a reason to come back to the Downtown area if they haven’t been around in a while.

“People are often very surprised to rediscover what we have down here. Our downtown is really big. It’s also for people who think ‘oh, I have work until five, everything is going to be closed’. This is your chance to check us out and maybe come again on a weekend or when you have another opportunity.”

The Tour de Chocolat in Downtown Bloomington starts tonight at five p.m. and lasts until eight. More information, including a list of participating businesses, can be found on the Downtown Bloomington website or the Downtown Bloomington Facebook.

Carly Halberg contributed to this story.

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February 1st, 2019

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