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WZND’s Date of Eight

14 Feb 2019 Thursday
14 Feb 2019

WZND’s Date of Eight

Normal, Illinois
Avanti's and Escape Bloomington
06:00 pm - 09:00 pm
Invite Only

No plans on Valentine’s Day? Escape the awkward first date, and go on WZND’s Date of Eight!

WZND wants to send you on a group date on Valentine’s day! The night will start with a dinner courtesy of Avanti’s, and end with an escape room! Simply fill out this application to be considered!



Must be between the ages of 18-30
Alcohol or drugs may not be consumed before or during the date
Be open minded to new people and ideas
No physical or sexual conduct during the date
No party will be expected to pay for dinner or activity
WZND is not liable for injury on date
WZND is not responsible for any activities between participants after the date
Participants will be responsible for their own ride to the date
**Failure to comply with these rules will result in being asked to leave the date**