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Album Review

P!nk – Beautiful Trauma

P!nk – Beautiful Trauma

By: Jamie Rago

Throughout my childhood, Pink has always been a female power figure for me to look at growing up. I have always admired her strength, power and soul within her music that she writes. Her creativity between her words and shows she puts on for her fans have done nothing but captivate me from the very start. Pink’s 7th studio album, Beautiful Trauma, has definitely set a new standard for herself as she sings about themes such as, the lust of love, being damaged by love, fear and anxiety. After 5 years since her last album, The Truth About Love, was released in 2012, she comes right back in giving her fans just what they want to hear.

Pink has definitely matured since her last album. The Truth About Love definitely showed off more of Pink’s fun side which gave us a happy, in love, not a single care in the world feeling from her music in the album. Which, in comparison, to her most recent album Beautiful Trauma gives off more of a somber, intense feel making this album a chance to tell a story for her fans to hear. Pink has definitely shown us more of her heart and soul in this album.

In Beautiful Trauma, Pink’s Revenge was a collaboration between Pink and Eminem. The hit was immediately brought to attention by everyone and soon enough people were going crazy over the collaboration between Pink and Eminem. Pink was beyond excited to work with him and the outcome of the song was even better than imagined.

I fell in love with Pink’s upbeat songs, What About Us, and Revenge. They really showed off her playful, sassy and loving side all at once. These two songs in particular to me, really stand out because they allow you to have a good time while singing and dancing along.

The thing I love most about this album as I said before, was her powerful voice and inspiration she creates in the music. Within the track, Beautiful Trauma, But We Lost It, and You Get My Love, you can hear her really begin to show us her true self within the woman she has become over the years in the spotlight. Showing these emotions may help a fan or audience member find themselves. Within her words during a song so emotional, yet deep and powerful shows raw artistry like none other.

In the album I didn’t find anything I didn’t like. I really enjoyed Beautiful Trauma and everything it had to offer to the listeners. In my opinion, this album was one of my favorites so far and with every song, I began to hear more and more of her story behind the music. I loved her creativity and how personal she was with each song on the album.

Overall, Pink is an incredibly creative, raw and inspiring artist. I am so excited to see where this album may take her throughout the rest of her career.

Rating: 10/10

Favorite Tracks: Revenge, What about Us, Beautiful Trauma

Brian James

November 13th, 2017

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