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Album Review

Niall Horan – Flicker

Niall Horan – Flicker

By: Radha Patel

I, for one, have never been the type to listen to Niall Horan, or anything remotely close to pop music, which made it difficult for me to even consider taking the time to listen to Niall Horan’s album titled Flicker. This album was released on October 20th through Capitol Records. Quickly after its release date, Flicker climbed up the charts. This was extremely impressive, as this album was Niall Horan’s first album as a solo artist.

I felt that throughout his career as a part of the reputable boyband One Direction, he wasn’t recognized much for his talent. Often overlooked, Horan took the backseat when it came to the band. For that reason, it was quite surprising when he came out with an album that was so successful.

When it came down to it, even though the album was doing so great, I didn’t think I would like it and was very hesitant on listening to it. To my surprise, I actually kind of enjoyed it. This album had some folksy elements to it which I liked. A lot of the songs on this album were on the slower side, which isn’t my kind of thing. I tried listening through the entirety of the slower songs but found myself getting bored. However, I would still recommend the entire album to those who do enjoy slower, calmer music.

There were very few songs on this album that I was able to enjoy. Most of the upbeat songs were pretty dope. I liked “Slow Hands”; not my favorite, but I can see why it has become somewhat of a fan favorite. “On The Loose” took a little warming up to, but eventually when it picked up, it sounded pretty cool. This was the first song that I listened to off of this album and was surprised to hear that this is what Niall Horan sounded like. I would’ve for sure fell in love with this song as a middle schooler honestly. That’s how I felt about “You and Me”; this song lowkey reminds me of the kind of music you would hear at a retail store. It wasn’t completely dreadful though because it also gave me homecoming slow dance vibes, or something that my best friend from middle school and I would jam out to. I was kind of disappointed with the way that it ended though; it was sort of abrupt and I felt like there wasn’t any type of warning.

Overall, I wasn’t expecting much from this album to begin with, so I wasn’t super disappointed or excited or anything. I was surprised by the fact that I sort of enjoyed some of those songs but for the most part, it wasn’t the kind of music I’d ever go out of my way to listen to, and honestly I’d probably change the station if I heard any of it. I do recommend it to people that were fans of One Direction and people who enjoy more relaxed pop music.

Rating: 4/10

Favorite tracks: On The Loose, Slow Hands, The Tide

Brian James

November 27th, 2017

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