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Album Review

Marc E. Bassy – Gossip Columns

Marc E. Bassy – Gossip Columns

By: James Kallianis

Gossip Columns is the debut album coming from Marc E. Bassy after releasing a string of EPs and mixtapes over the past couple of years. Bassy got his start as one of the vocalists in pop band 2AM Club, who had a few minor hits on pop radio. After they broke up in 2014, Marc E. Bassy went solo and has made more of a mark in the mainstream than his band did.

Gossip Columns comes with plenty of highlights. The discothèque “Til I Get Found” is a fun listen throughout. I could feel my head bopping along to the funky beat, and the song gives you a good taste of what’s to come: slick production throughout (something I wasn’t expecting), along with Bassy’s takes on relationships. The single “Plot Twist” flexes his songwriting, as he sings about him being a player normally, but falling in love with a girl, giving a unique take on love songs that generally are not written about in modern urban music. Rapper Kyle drops a good verse on the track and proves to be more of an asset than a liability, though Hailee Steinfeld leaves a lot to be desired on the remix at the end of the album. “Made Love First” sounds like a big hit, as Marc E. Bassy and Kehlani trade verses and blend vocals on the sultry track.

There are pretty glaring holes littered throughout the album: bad rap features, sometimes cliché lyrical content, and obvious filler. The tracks “Gossip Columns” and “Westside Love” start off solid, but then Bobby Brackins and YG come in and stink up the place. “Gossip Columns” would have been a huge album highlight, but Mr. Brackins comes in with his nasally, headache-inducing voice and ruins the good vibes in a hurry. G-Eazy drops the blandest verse on “So Simple”, which sounds like he wrote and recorded it in the span of 15 minutes. Honestly, blandness seems to be typical for G-Eazy nowadays. He is able to redeem himself with a solid verse on the hit single “You & Me”, which is far and away the best track on the record. It has a reggae flavor to it and is a good take on a relationship that was broken off.

The filler tracks are the biggest problem on the record. Marc E Bassy’s past releases consisted of 5-10 songs, and he takes quite the leap with this 16-track album. Some of the songs, namely “Heroine”, “New Ting”, and “The Season”, seemed like they were tacked on so Bassy could make this an album. In a perfect world, Gossip Columns would have been 10 tracks long; still pushing the boundaries of a full-length album, but cutting out all of the fluff.

Rating: 6.5/10

Favorite tracks: “You & Me” (feat. G-Eazy), “Til I Get Found”, “Plot Twist” (feat. Kyle), “Made Love First” (feat. Kehlani)

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December 4th, 2017

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