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Album Review

Katy Perry – Witness

Katy Perry – Witness

By: David Goins

Katy Perry is, in my opinion, one of our generations biggest pop stars that broke through the pop industry in a very interesting way. Ever since Capitol Records noticed her unique ambient voice, Katy Perry has had eyes on her since the epic release of her break out single “I Kissed a Girl”, which really stood out for its catchy hook and bad girl reputation. Ever since, Katy has really dominated the pop industry with other singles such as “California Girls” and “Teenage dream”.

Katy Perry has evolved as an artist and now seems to be reaching new heights with this new record Witness. I have to start out with the intro track to the album “Witness”, which I think really sets the tone for the record. It starts out with very soft bass and vocals for the first verse, then leads to a very strong melodic hook. The song has a deeper meaning lyrically, where Katy is talking about how she needs someone to be with her through the crazy ups and downs that her lifestyle brings. A lot of artists touch on this subject and I think that Katy did a good job with expressing how she feels. A few other highlights on this album stand out to me on songs like “Power” and “Tsunami”, where the production in my opinion is outstanding. “Power” brings me a Kanye sort of vibe mixed in with a swing tempo which I really enjoy.

Although those tracks to me are very pleasant, I don’t think they mix well with a lot of the other songs on this album. The record “Hey Hey Hey” attempts to bring some trap percussion to pop which I think sounds corny and out of place. The hook to this track also is written very poorly with some of the simplest lyrics known to man. Other tracks such as “Bigger Than Me” and “Save As Draft” I don’t think are produced or written very well. These tracks to me seem like they might be throw away cuts from previous Katy Perry albums that she decided to throw in here.

Altogether, I do not by any means think this album is terrible. I think that Katy has consistent content in most of these songs, which do bring meaning to her lifestyle. It seems like Katy is lonely and she is surrounded by people who don’t understand her. She references these topics often throughout the record. Some tracks on this album also do not fit and really put a damper on the highlight tracks. The singles in my opinion are also not terrible, “Swish Swish” in particular with its amazing bass line which is sampled from British producer Maya Jane Cole. I hope to see Katy Perry continue to rise and progress with her music, and I’m very excited to see what she has in store for the future in pop music.

Rating: 5.5/10

Favorite tracks: “Witness”, “Power”, and “Tsunami”


Brian James

October 12th, 2017

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