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Album Review

Darius Rucker – When Was the Last Time

Darius Rucker – When Was the Last Time

By: Brandon Moran

Darius Rucker is best known for being the frontman for the 1990’s alt-rock band, Hootie & The Blowfish. Now he has been a part of the country scene as a solo artist for a while, so his new album “When Was the Last Time” was sure to be a hit. As a country fan, I felt as if this album was not the best that it could be. Peaking at only #8 on the Billboard 200 chart, it’s apparent that Darius Rucker might not have the star power he once had to pull out a chart topping album.

The album starts with “For the First Time”, an upbeat country hit. This is a song that you would expect to hear at a country concert; the atmosphere is just perfect and great for singing along. I thought it was a great opening to the album. “Bring It On” sounded weird to me as Darius Rucker’s voice did not sound like his. Maybe it was a production issue or something, but I was not a fan of this song.

From there, it begins to go downhill. All of the songs start sounding the same, and he basically recycles content over and over in his songs. I find it to be very annoying because I like to listen to albums that have a variety of different style songs.

“Straight To Hell” was something different on the album; it featured country stars like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum. This was a fun one to listen to, definitely the most unique song on the album. “Count the Beers” was definitely another favorite — it sounded very similar to the honkytonk sound from back when that was the standard in country music. It even sounded very similar to “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” by Brooks & Dunn.

Following “Count The Beers” the album went back to the same material where it all sounded the same and the songs had no personality. I was bored and a bit irritated that I had to sit and listen to this album all of the way. The song “Story To Tell” attempts to save the album with its upbeat tempo, but it falls a little short. The album closes with “Straight To Hell (Full Length Version)”. This was an extended cut of the song exclusive to the album. I felt as if it was an unnecessary addition; it took way too long to get to the point, and I almost forgot what the lyrics were about.

Overall, I thought it was an okay album. As a fan of most Darius Rucker singles, I did not enjoy this album in particular. It lacked the depth and emotion you would typically find on a country album. Maybe if the songs all did not sound the same and every song was not about how much he loves his wife, it may have been a good album.


Rating: 4/10

Favorite Songs: For the First Time, Count The Beers, Straight To Hell

WZND Newsroom

November 17th, 2017

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