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Album Review

Thomas Rhett – Life Changes

Thomas Rhett – Life Changes

By: Lachlan MS

Debuting in September at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, Thomas Rhett’s third studio album Life Changes is only the most recent of many successes for the young country-pop star. Consistently topping charts since 2013, the 27 year-old singer/songwriter has quickly made a name for himself as the face of new country, releasing tracks that sound like hit singles time and time again.

With his latest album, Life Changes, Rhett details the recent events of his life over the last five years almost to the minute; recounting memories with his wife, the adoption and birth of his two daughters Willa and Ada (respectively), and his marvel at how quickly life— well— changes.

What he sometimes lacks in artistic depth, Rhett more than makes up for in musical variety; drawing on a myriad of different musical styles and backgrounds. Whether it’s the 1950s-era chorus in “Sweetheart”, the Chainsmokers-reminiscent future bass of “Leave Right Now,” or the pseudo-rock summer anthem “Grave,” Life Changes has something to offer for everyone.

While “Craving You” and “Unforgettable” are by far the most popular tracks, my personal favorite is almost certainly “Marry Me,” a standout from the formulaic pop style that permeates the rest of the album. Apart from being beautifully written, it also reveals the more artistic side of Rhett.

Although he’s received criticism for being unoriginal, there’s no denying that Rhett has taken the country scene by storm, and Life Changes is another outstanding example of his exceptional work.

Rating: 7.8/10

Brian James

October 19th, 2017

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